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Need to Run a 

   Virtual Conference?

Virtual Conferences

We think outside the box.

During the pandemic, many organizations and companies were forced to convert their in-person conferences and gatherings into virtual ones. The Vizions Group successfully produced Conference Platforms that were fully customizable to each event's needs. In fact, these have been so successful that many continue in the post-COVID era.

Watch our short video to see how we can help...

Let us help you
turn your successful event
into a successful virtual event.

The Vizions Group has successfully assisted many organizations to convert their annual gatherings into a purely virtual experience. We do this by creating a virtual conference platform where attendees are able to login and participate in the conference virtually. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we give their attendees as many features as an in-person event would provide:

  • Multiple levels of registration types

  • Password-protections

  • Access to presentations

  • Opportunities to interact with speakers and staff

  • Networking opportunities among themselves

  • Download content materials

  • Attend virtual exhibit halls

  • Research/academic poster sessions

  • Complete online forms for continuing education credit

  • Online surveys

  • Sponsorship and vendor opportunities

  • Ability to quickly access tech and customer support

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